Virtual Poetry

Virtual Reality solutions for HTC Vive

Motyf 2016 Festival – International Symposium

Gutenberg-Museum I Prof. Frau Anja Stöffler

Motyf Festival 2016

The Challenge

The University of Mainz, Germany, hosted its international symposium “Motyf 2016 – Moving Types” at the Gutenberg-Museum Mainz. For it’s Media Art Exhibition our client asked us to create a VR station that visitors could use to experience Poetry and “Moving Types” in a virtual environment.

The Solution

Visitors literally played with words in virtual reality! They could interact and manipulate the floating verses of the virtual poem with the HTC Vive Controllers and trigger the next verses.

The Method

It was paramount that the player interacted with the poetry intuitively and without the need of a tutorial. We chose the HTC Vive because we were blown away by how easily it’s controllers handled, and how well it was supported by the Unreal Engine.

The Result

Our VR Station was (and still is) one of the highlights of the Media Art Exhibition and will be on display for another 6 months.