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3d-io Art & Code forge

We conceptualize, design, prototype and create digital visual content.
With a combination of creative and coding expertise, we help public and private companies across the world to translate strategic goals into unique designs and profitable applications.

Our team consists of veterans of the game, 3d and internet scene, who are fully devoted to the creation processes.


3d-io GmbH was founded in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1999 as a developer of adventure and edutainment video games. 3d-io’s portfolio includes a series of educational software for the Heureka-Klett publisher, the adventure game Perry Rhodan, and various games for the German “Stern” magazine.

To optimize our production pipeline we wrote our own software to accelerate our workflow and improve results. These “Plugins” wer so effective that 3d-io started selling them in our own online shop. Ten years later our software is used by 3D studios and professionals all over the world, and we aim to keep it that way by listening to our customers’ wishes and constantly improving and adding to our portfolio.

Of course we also stayed true to our roots, developing 3D content for games, shows, VR, advertisement and web. The work is highly satisfying and keeps us close to all the new trends and developments in the industry.

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