Merck Millipore Safety Lab


The Challenge

Merck Millipore – one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies – wanted to educate their staff in lab safety in a browser-enabled “edutainment” format. Company employees should learn lab safety rules in an entertaining and accessible manner.

The Solution

The obvious solution was a a browser-game!
It can be incorporated into Merck’s web presence and be experienced on any online device. “Players” test their lab-safety knowledge by playing through charmingly and fully animated multiple choice levels with final scores.

3d-io merck safety lab game 3d-characters

The Method

The greatest challenge was probably getting the safety rules absolutely right. We corresponded a lot with experiences lab staff at Merck Millipore to make sure that all the safety procedures depicted in our game were spot-on and nothing was left out (lab work, after all, must be precise!)

3d-io merck safety game 3d-room

The Result

The game is part of Merck Millipore’s official lab safety guide on the company website. Merck also uses it at company presentations, promotional events and for corporate training purposes.