Perry Rhodan – The Adventure

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3d-io Perry Rhodan Game Package


Perry Rhodan is the main protagonist and namesake of a hugely popular sci-fi book series that started in 1961 and is still running strong today.

Creating this game was a wonderful opportunity to tell a completely new story from within the huge and richly diverse “Perry-verse”. Existing fans and newcomers alike could enjoy Perry’s adventures in an interactive, entertaining, challenging game environment.

This project let us truly flex our creative and programming muscles, and we are very, very happy with the finished product!

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3d-io perry rhodan


Perry Rhodan – The Adventure is an epic space adventure game set in 4934 AD, (1346 New Galactic Era), starring the immortal human Perry Rhodan. The goal is to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of Perry’s beloved, Mondra Diamond, but soon the plot thickens and the stakes get higher as the fate of the universe is in peril. The story takes the player from the very top of a majestic floating palace, through the midst of intergalactic intrigue, to deep below the surface of incredible alien worlds.

3d-io perry rhodan characters concept
3d-io perry rhodan characters concept