Always Ultra Pads – 3D Visualization

Feb 15, 2016

Garnisonkirche 3D Reconstruction, a demanding task of rebuilding a church completely in 3D, was project which actually consumes multiple art disciplines. One need to read correct the CAD Plans, recreate large matte-paintings of Potsdam (Berlin) and design in 3D the parts which only existed as a simple drawing. In order to place this building in the place where it once stand, 3d-io team has used 3dsMax and Eyeon Fusion for both 3d and projection mapping animations.

They must look elegant, clean, comfortable, and appealing: Always Ultra Pads.

Creating shots like these may seem easy, but they are actually some of the most demanding 3D visualizations artist are challenged with: working in degrees of white shades, replicating perfectly smooth cotton surfaces and transparencies, and constantly changing prototypes and improvements during production.

Our efforts are rewarded with excellent final results and loyal customers for more than 12 years.

Agency: Catch / Wundermann / Janice Dunbar