Virtual Reality in Occulus Rift and Google Cardboard

Boehringer Ingelheim “Experience”

Corporate Marketing and Product in Virtual Reality
Customer: CNM

The Challenge

When we started this project VR was the hot new thing, but hardly anybody in Germany knew how to use it. CNM read the lay of the land and apporached us to create a VR experience for Boehringer Ingelheim – a major German pharmaceutical company – who wanted the technology to push their HR marketing to the next level.

Boehringer Ingelheim Virtual Reality

The Solution

The project was christened “Inside Boehringer Ingelheim”, a 6 minute interactive VR ride with multiple levels. Players fought viruses, healed the lung, battled a thrombus, the works. On top of that, we ported the complete VR Experience to Google Cardboard.

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The Method

First we had to figure out what tech to use. We chose the Occulus Rift which was the most advanced VR hardware at the time, and the Unreal Engine because it delivered the best cinematic look and included the best support for the Occulus Rift. From there, we built a new team, helped develop the concept and production guidelines, designed, coded, compiled and successfully finalized the “Experience” for presentation.

The Result

Thanks to the whole team that helped make this happen. Until today it is hard to find any VR content that compares in scope and quality.