Unwrella Mapping Plugin
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automatic UV unwrapping for 3d meshes | 3d-io
Unwrella was developed for the high demands of graphics designers in real world production environments and provides a fast, simple and reliable unwrapping solution. It is the first tool of this kind on the market, allowing the unwrapping of 3d models to be done with a single mouse click while simultaneously providing optimal results that combine the minimized texture stretching of automated unwrapping techniques with the efficient space utilization and chunk distribution of UV space that is achieved with manual pelt wrapping methods. This allows users to quickly solve complex tasks like the creation of seamless 3d models, more accurate lightmaps and productive subsequent processing of the UV maps in other 3d applications like ZBrush™ or Mudbox™.

Visit the Unwrella Homepage: www.unwrella.com unwrella_logo

Unwrella can optionally adhere to manually placed seams while unwrapping UV charts | 3d-io

UV seam placements can be visualized in the viewport | 3d-io

the user interface is so simple that even beginners can unwrap models within seconds | 3d-io

unwrap meshes with arbitrary polygon shapes with minimal stretching | 3d-io

automatic uniform unwrapping | 3d-io