SpaceRide (PC) Arcade Game

SpaceRide (PC) Arcade Freeware Game
Production 3d-io GmbH
Compelte Game Design & Development

SpaceRide (PC) Arcade Freeware Game is an fast, furious and exciting space shooter. We have created this game as a spin-off from the original RuheMasse-Null project (s. here). We wanted since ever to create a science fiction arcade game, and it did not fit into the educational contents. So we have decided to take a month time, and create a simple, fast game with one level and gradually more difficult tasks. You have to protect your base station from 360° attacking enemies and raining debris.
SpaceRide is till today one of our most favorite and the most successful game projects – it has been downloaded and played over 50.000 times.

video still of the Space Ride shuttle in flight | 3d-io

the Space Ride title screen | 3d-io

Space Ride ingame screenshots | 3d-io