SA-PO Art Project

SA-PO Art Project

3d-io is proud to announce SA-PO Art Project ( We support from this year fully the artists of this visual development platform in both development and technical means. Artists Igor Posavec and Sven Sauer utilize our web-development services, 3d render-farm and complete 3d-software, shaders and storage assets for their amazing artworks.

The 20.000 pixel large images are processed and prepared for special lambda or glass print using our in-house applications.
SA-PO Artists Igor Posavec Sven Sauer

“SA-PO is the artist team of Sven Sauer and Igor Prosavec. In their works they develop illusions that put the viewer’s perception to the test. Again and again, the two artists are thematically pulled to megacities such as Tokyo, Shanghai or New York. Their works show symptoms of a society and the tempo of a technology development that has exceeded the measure which a civilization is capable to absorb. The result is an exhilarating rationalist romanticism for a civilization which is obsessed of being addicted to reality…”

SA-PO at warsaw exhibition volume2

SA-PO warsaw exhibition impressions




SA-PO Exhibition room