Ruhemasse Null

Ruhemasse Null (PC) Game (2004)
Game Design & Development
Customer: Braingame
Production 3d-io GmbH

Ruhemasse Null (PC) Game – Educational Adventure was created in cooperation with Braingame Publshing in 2005. This evergreen piece of software remains till today the most comprehensive and heavily illustrated astronomy multimedia adventure ever made for PC. Thousands of 3d graphics, animations and texts support an 20 hours unique visual voyage from the birth of the universe to the last supernova explosions. The game consists of 4 Parts – a space station (educational base), real-time planet expedition, a quiz and a space shooter.

3d-io has assembled for this purpose a small team of creative artists and programmers. They have generated a whole reatime engine from the scratch, while the concept and 3d artists have been creating parallel the huge mass of visual contents.
Due to the tight deadlines, very low budgets and constantly  changing contents, the sheer existence of the final project in the final, presented quality, is nearly a  miracle. Only the unconditional engagement, passion and a large portion of madness of our team, including countless sleepless nights, made it possible.

the educational astronomy multimedia adventure | 3d-io

loading screen for the Titan Expedition | 3d-io

ingame screenshots of a shuttle trying to protect a space station from an asteroid impact | 3d-io

flight over various planet surfaces | 3d-io

the robot mascot of Ruhemasse Null | 3d-io

ingame screenshot of the interior of a space station | 3d-io

concept designs for the main charcter | 3d-io

various ingame screenshots for 'Ruhemasse Null' | 3d-io

concept drawings for 'Ruhemasse Null' | 3d-io


video still of the Ruhemasse shuttle in flight | 3d-io


one of the game's loading screens | 3d-io