Perry Rhodan Game

Compelte Game Design & Development
Customer: DeepSilver / Braingame
Direction Igor Posavec
Production 3d-io GmbH

PERRY RHODAN (PC) Game is an epic space adventure set in 1346 New Galactic Era, 4934 AD, starring Perry Rhodan hero. The story takes the player from the very top of a majestic floating palace, through the midst of intergalactic intrigue, to deep below the surface of incredible alien worlds. The goal is to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of Perry’s beloved, Mondra Diamond, but soon the plot thickens and the stakes get higher, as the fate of the universe is in peril.

concept art for the museum on Titan

ingame screenshot of an exterior area of the Solar Residence

ingame screenshot of a less populated area of the city Elmo Dater

the city Elmo Dater on the moon Gom Callaedus

the wreck of a space ship found on the moon Betha | 3d-io

Perry Rhodan confronts one of the ancient creatures known as Illochim | 3d-io

an ancient combat robot on exhibit in a museum on the Saturn moon Titan | 3d-io

a large residental tower in Elmo Dater | 3d-io

a shuttle has departed from the Solar Residence and is leaving the city | 3d-io

a landing pad of the museum on the Saturn moon Titan | 3d-io

“Perry Rhodan – the Adventure” was released by the Published DeepSilver in 2008, and is known in the USA under the name “The Immortals of Terra”.