Nydenion (2011)

Nydenion (2012)
3d Desgin & CG Animation Shots
Agency: Nydenion & MagnaMana FX GmbH

For Nydenion, an indie movie production from german Visual Director and Science-Fiction Expert Jack Moick, we have designed, animated and rendered a dozen of space shots and special effects.

Nydenion shuttle transport after landing in the hangar | 3d-io

camera flight through docking area below hangar | 3d-io

Nydenion fighter ship undocking | 3d-io

Nydenion fighter ship launching from dock | 3d-io

Nydenion closeup of closing docking bay gate | 3d-io

Nydenion fighter ship closeup | 3d-io

Nydenion shuttle launching from hangar | 3d-io

video still of Nydenion ship crash landing in the hangar | 3d-io