MyForest! Online

MyForest! Online Game
Concept, Game Design & Development
Customer: Landesforsten Rheinland-Pfalz
Production 3d-io GmbH

MyForest! is an online browser game created. It is an amazing simulation of Forest Simulation, where the player jumps into the role of a ranger and manages the complex but also exciting task of keeping the ecology system in and around the wood and it inhabitants balanced.

3d-io GmbH war responsible for the game concept, graphics design and development.
You can enjoy the game on:

title screen of the game | 3d-io

a few samples of the tile sets used in the game | 3d-io

ingame view of a wind power turbine and the surrounding area | 3d-io

ingame view of a river area | 3d-io

an ingame event that requires the player to take action | 3d-io

the level selection screen where players choose which forest to manage | 3d-io

the construction mode allows players to build a new biotope in the selected area | 3d-io