Mars 500 (ZDF)

Mars500 (ZDF) Documentary (2012)
3d Desgin & CG Animation
Customer: ZDF
Director: Bernd Hofmann

The Mars-500 mission (ZDF 2012) – was a psychosocial isolation experiment conducted between 2007 and 2011 by Russia, the European Space Agency and China in preparation for future manned spaceflight to the planet Mars.

The 3d-io team has created models, animations and simulations for over 2 minutes of high quality video of what once may become reality. The vision of space voyage has always been a point of interest for us and this project just hit the right nerve. We are proud to have been contributed our part of an attempt to realize a dream.

Mars500 research equipment on surface | 3d-io

Mars500 landing approach near Olymus Mons | 3d-io

Mars500 view from inside the Mars habitat | 3d-io

Mars500 Phobos closeup view | 3d-io

Mars500 in transit from Earth to Mars | 3d-io

Mars500 planet surface panorama view | 3d-io

Mars500 habitat colony construction | 3d-io

Mars500 3d designs used for production | 3d-io

Mars500 sunset on the horizon | 3d-io

Mars500 lanch of the return shuttle heading back to Earth | 3d-io