Customer: Humm & Schlimpert Steuergesellschaft mbH

In the cooperation with Humm & Schlimpert Steuergesellschaft mbH, we have created a huge portal for Tax Laws. The Lextoons-Portal consists of hundreds different tax stories and countless unique illustrations. A dozen of characters plays in this funny but realistic stories and guide you through the confuse and very often absurd tax laws.
The main goal of the customer was to explain complex law issues in an easy-to-understand way, through short stories and serious jokes.

Over one thousand illustrations were created for different backgrounds, characters and situations. Artists has created in more then six months all illustrations by hand, and using digital painting software for coloring.
3d-io Lextoons

A large part of work was done in the back-end of the web site: a complex, custom “case-generator” has been programmed in order to give editors absolute freedom to create with just few clicks any kind of stories and scenarios. A huge database of characters, poses and backgrounds gives authors unlimited abilities to illustrate the cases in all possible combinations.

3d-io Lextoons
If you are from Germany, and there is no one in Germany who can understand the fuzzy income or company tax laws, you will be delighted to see even the most complex cases explained in just a minute!
3d-io lextoons illustration
For the full stories, please visit the LEXTOONS site!