Helloween – Nabataea (2012)

Helloween – Nabataea (2012) Video Spot
Producer: Martin Häusler
Customer: Helloween
3d-Video & 3D-Design

Helloween – Nabataea was our latest VFX project for music video production. We have been contracted to create concepts, characters, animations and video clips for the “Nabataea” Cover-Song from the famous German metal band “Helloween”. The production was very limited in terms of time: We only had about one month time to go from scratch to delivery. The end result were 3 Minutes of HD video material.

Nabetea 3d models of Mayan statues | 3d-io

Nabetea Mayan temple 3d scene | 3d-io

Nabetea collection of still images of the Helloween music video | 3d-io

Nabetea showcase of 3d characters featured in the video prodcution | 3d-io

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