Game Cover Art

Game Cover Art
Lead 3D Artist: Igor Posavec
Concepts, 3d Design and realisation

Game Cover Art is a complex process of creating a visual language for the hidden contents in the game-box. Each game has its own character, mood, intention, story and message. Picking out the quint essence of it and bringing it in once single image in order for each customer to understand, get inspired and purchase it, is one of the highest visual development arts.
Here are some of our works from the past:

cover artworks for 'Physikus' and 'Ruhemasse Null' | 3d-io

cover artworks for 'Perry Rhodan' booklets | 3d-io

'Explosive Car Tuning' cd cover artworks | 3d-io

cover artworks for various games | 3d-io

cover artwork for the game 'Pathologic' | 3d-io

additional game cover artworks 1 | 3d-io

additional game cover artworks 2 | 3d-io