Deutsche Bank XXXL Posters

Deutsche Bank 3D Adverts
Agency: Wundermann

3d Visualisation: 3d-io GmbH
Wundermann Agency approached us with the concept for a 3D hourglass with a small house in it that had to be created in a size exceeding 30.000 pixels with 16bit per color channel.
Additionally, about 3 million sand pebbles were placed into the hourglass.

To help the renderer cope with these requirements, our development section created a software plugin that allows us to render scenes in virtually unlimited size.

Thanks to our scalable production processes, the complete job of designing and rendering the artworks was done in less then a week.

3d design alternatives for Deutsche Bank 99 | 3d-io

final 3d design for Deutsche Bank 99 | 3d-io

30000+ pixel high resolution rendering of hourglass theme | 3d-io

hourglass 3d design for Deutsche Bank | 3d-io

Lufthansa 3d object designs | 3d-io