9-11 Fliegende Bomben (ZDF)

9-11: Fliegende Bomben (ZDF) Documentary (2012)
3d Desgin & CG Animation
Customer: ZDF

9-11: Fliegende Bomben (ZDF 2012) is a german TV documentary for which we have created visual CG content. Impossible to recapture again, dramatic shots of Manhattan airplane crash, pentagon attack and the crisis in in “Flight 99” was completely created in 3d and animated to simulate the last minutes of the catastrophe.

Using the latest 3D technology and matte-painting, 3d-io has reached the optimal accuracy and credibility in creating simulation events.

F-15 Eagle in flight | 3d-io

Boing 767 3d cockpit reconstruction | 3d-io

Boing 767 on collision course towards the World Trade Center | 3d-io

two F-15 interceptors | 3d-io

video stills of United Airlines Flight 93 3d model | 3d-io

radar map showing United Airlines Flight 93 over Pennsylvania | 3d-io

American Airlines Flight 77 approaching Pentagon | 3d-io