Games & Interactive

Games are one of our specialties in the inter-media mix between the art and programming disciplines. We are delivering not only concepts and assets, we also design, prototype and program complete game projects for PC and mobile devices.


Game & character design

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We master the obligatory subject of game concept and design with ease. Our veteran team of concept artists, storyboarders and award-winning matte-painters loves and does this work for more than 20 years. Companies that need a routinized, secure and reliable project concept phase rely for years on our services.

3d-io_game_concept 3d-io_beowulf3d-io_physikus

Game development

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With the game “Perry Rhodan”, we have developed a complete product from scratch to the packaging. We also create smaller projects like Browser Games and Games for mobile devices: if you plan serious gaming application for your company or a brand, just drop us a note!